Oz Safes Australia are manufacturers and suppliers of security safes and custom security safes. We have over 20 years experience in the industry, manufacturing safes and supplying them Australia wide. We supply safes for a wide range of applications, from custom drug safes, to hotel safes and home safes. We supply competitively priced off-the-shelf safes both manufactured here and by Eagle Safes. We can custom make a security safe for almost any application.

Custom Restaurant Safes

As a business owner you will know that cash management is of paramount importance. Therefore it is essential that you protect your interests with one of the custom restaurant safes.

In Ground Floor Safes

Floor safes provide protection under your feet. OzSafe has created a unique balance of strength and security while still commanding that significant protective edge.

Home Safes – Home Protector

Oz Safes Australia have a complete range of home safes, from small homes safes to large custom home safes. Our range of off-the-shelf home safes are a perfect way to secure your cash and documents from theft and fire.

Drug Safes

Oz Safes manufacture Australian-made drug safes and custom drugs safes for a wide range of applications. Our drugs safes all comply with health department regulations and provide the level of protection you require from a quality drug safe. Keep your drugs and your business safe with Oz Safes Australia custom drugs safes.

Cash Safes

Oz Safe Australia are premier safe designers and manufacturers specializing in custom safes. As part of a repertoire of custom safe options, custom cash safes are among the most popular. Oz Safes Australia can provide custom cash safes ranging from a simple keypad lock system all the way to fingerprint recognition combination systems and everything in between. With an option for every type of burglary protection you could need, Oz Safe Australia is the best custom cash safe provider for you.

Gun Safes

Oz Safes Australia are specialist providers of gun safes and custom gun safes for the Australian market. Our extensive experience in manufacturing custom gun safes to suit a wide range of application and requirements means we’re your best choice for custom gun safes in Australia. All our pistol safes are manufactured with 10mm solid steel plates and fully welded.

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